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  • Harmony for Mind and Soul

    Gently pressing, stroking and stretching while applying warm oil gives the body the attention it needs.

  • Balinese massages

    "Relax" Balinese facial, Balinese ayurvedic massage

  • Wellness massages

    Hot stone massage, Herbal spa massage / exotic herb temple massage, Hot chocolate massage

  • Beauty from Maria Galland

    Maria Galland has been creating tailored treatment concepts for particular types of skin for more than forty years.

  • Sauna landscape

    Scientific studies show that people who regularly go to the sauna fall ill less often.

  • Ayurvedic Massages

    Abhyanga full body massage, Upanahasveda back treatment, Ayurvedic partial body massage, Nabi Marma Chikitsa abdominal