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Ayurvedic Massages

Abhyanga full body massage

This full body oil massage opens the detoxification channels (srotas) of the body and thus has a detoxifying and purging effect.
Abhyanga is the basis of ayurvedic massages and begins with applications of oil. The oils enable the body to absorb certain substances which have a positive influence on the doshas (constitutional types). At the same time, the gentle massage has a relaxing, detoxifying and refreshing effect on mind, body and spirit.

Duration: 90 minutes | € 95.00

Padabhyanga – ayurvedic foot massage

Delicately massaging the feet and calves relaxes the body, head, psyche and nerves
Ayurvedic foot massage has a deeply relaxing effect on all organs of the body. It removes roughness, calluses and cracks, as well as stiffness, fatigue, numbness and chills. It improves vision thanks to the subtle connection of the sole of the foot with the eyes. It alleviates insomnia, tension and buzzing in the head. It is especially appropriate before or after stressful situations, or you can simply enjoy it for itself.

Duration: 45 minutes | € 45.00

Upanahasveda back treatment

Ayurvedic back massage with oils. This massage is rather vigorous.
It serves to loosen and relax the back muscles.

Duration: 30 minutes | € 30.00

Ayurvedic partial body massage

Partial body massage followed by a regenerating herb pack for the back and a local sweat treatment. Relaxing and detoxifying.
This massage has a powerful calming effect.

Duration: 60 minutes | € 60.00

Nabi Marma Chikitsa abdominal massage

This special in-depth treatment relieves cramps and blockages in the abdominal area.
It treats specific marma points (similar to acupressure/acupuncture) where tension can build up. According to ayurvedic medicine, psychological experiences can also be stored in the marmas, which is why this massage is felt to be especially soothing.

Duration: 25 minutes | € 30.00

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