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Balinese massages

“Relax” Balinese facial

Deep cleansing, massage and mask with traditional and completely natural active ingredients

Duration: approx. 90 minutes | € 69.00

Balinese ayurvedic massage

This full body massage is both therapy for the body and sustenance for the soul, a traditional form of massage that releases tensions while stimulating the circulation and the entire metabolic system.
It strengthens your immune system and sets free blocked energy.
If you have especially stiff leg muscles, for instance, we can focus the massage session on your legs.

Duration: ca. 90 minutes | € 80.00

  • Sauna landscape

    Scientific studies show that people who regularly go to the sauna fall ill less often.

  • Wellness massages

    Hot stone massage, Herbal spa massage / exotic herb temple massage, Hot chocolate massage