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Sauna landscape with a view stretching to the horizon

Scientific studies show that people who regularly go to the sauna fall ill less often.
The heat in the sauna and the stimulating effect resulting from the cold during the cooling-off phase trigger important metabolic processes which have a positive effect on the immune system.

If you have a sauna regularly (at least once a week) for a long period, your health will be sure to profit.

important: you should by all means induce the alternating stimulation between sufficient heating in the sauna cabin and purposeful cooling with cold water.

The sauna also has a positive effect on muscles: the body is purged, the pores of the skin open and the skin is cleansed. This will relax you and improve your appearance.

Finnish sauna

The paneling, made from a subspecies of ebony, encloses the log sauna and the finest Finnish polar spruce like a lightweight cloak, thereby providing the interior with a luxurious climate.

Temperature: 95° – 98° C
Length of stay: 10 – 15 minutes max.

Sauna for the senses

Temperature: 55° C
Length of stay: 20 – 40 minutes max.

  • Ayurvedic Massages

    Abhyanga full body massage, Upanahasveda back treatment, Ayurvedic partial body massage, Nabi Marma Chikitsa abdominal

  • Wellness massages

    Hot stone massage, Herbal spa massage / exotic herb temple massage, Hot chocolate massage