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Wellness massages

Hot stone massage

The gentle energy of the “hot” stones gliding over the skin produces especially pleasant thermal effects in the body. Blood circulation and tissue function are stimulated and the lymph flow enhanced.
Tensions vanish, vital energies are set free and many bodily functions feel a beneficial effect.
New vigor is created from the energy of the stones.

Duration: approx. 100 minutes | € 98.00

Herbal spa massage / exotic herb temple massage

The herbal spa massage derives from an age-old Siamese healing tradition. A bouquet of fine, select herbs wrapped in a linen cloth glides softly over the skin.
You can feel the warmth and vigor of Siam’s natural vitality spreading over your skin.
Tender loving care as if from an herbal paradise. Promotes circulation, releases muscular tension and pampers the spirit. Your skin becomes soft and youthfully supple. Feel yourself being transported to a faraway realm.
Your body will be rejuvenated, your senses indulged.

Duration: approx. 75 minutes | € 89.00

Hot chocolate massage

“A most tender temptation for skin and senses”
The hot chocolate massage affords your skin and senses an extraordinary feeling of wellness. The simultaneously calming yet stimulating effects bestowed by the cocoa ingredients spread directly to the sensory organs of the skin.
Prized shea butter and substances found in almond oil have tautening properties and lend a smooth, youthful complexion to the skin.

Duration: 60 minutes | € 75.00

  • Sauna landscape

    Scientific studies show that people who regularly go to the sauna fall ill less often.

  • Harmony for Mind and Soul

    Gently pressing, stroking and stretching while applying warm oil gives the body the attention it needs.